Bubble Nails vs. Bubble Tea

Have you seen this hideous trend? I'm so thankful that I live in an area far from the weird and trendy. We used to laugh that Pittsburgh was ten years behind the rest of the country when it came to fashion and trends but I will put up with mullets and the occasional mall hair if it means not seeing bubble nails.
Why would anyone think that this is attractive? 
And then this person got the brilliant idea to do bubble nails with the pointy-nail thing. No. Please no.

All I want to know is what happens if this chick needs to pick her nose?
Some things aren't meant to be bubbly. Bubble tea is safe however. Have you tried this? I have to travel half and hour up the highway to get some but it's fun stuff. The bubbles in this picture are black tapioca pearls. But check out what the others are:
Have you tried bubble tea? If not then I recommend the chocolate milk bubble tea. Because chocolate.


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