Gender Neutral Bathrooms

I don't know about you, but I don't want to share public bathrooms with men. I do that at an auction I attend every week and I've learned a few things:

They don't flush. They just leave their bubbly yellow water in the toilet. I get to flush before and after I go. Yippee.

They leave droplets on the floor. Ewww.

They don't put the seat down. So I have to take toilet paper to push the seat down and jump back as it falls.

But there are more reasons than that as to why I don't want to share bathrooms. Personal girl reasons. 

Ladies, we have bathroom activities that men don't. I've seen plenty of left-overs in women's rooms too. In my own church I've cleaned DNA-laced liquids off of toilet seats and rims (after I glove up though because.... ick) I've seen #2 leftovers that make me wonder why the sufferer didn't clean up or wasn't admitted to a hospital.

Public Service Announcement: 
If you drip colored liquids on the toilet, clean it up. 
If you have diarrhea in a public bathroom please treat it as you would at home. I have no idea how this stuff gets on walls but really, don't leave that for someone else to clean up. It is gross. Take care of your mess.

Back to the story at hand.

Last summer my husband and I visited Cleveland and ate at a downtown restaurant. After the meal I visited the bathroom and was shocked to see it was both a men's and women's room. The men were on the right and the women were on the left. A big long sink that looked like a feeding trough was the only thing separating the two sides. So while you washed your hands you could be staring at a man.

That alone is reason for me to never go back to that restaurant. It was creepy. The whole thing was creepy. Down a dark staircase. Into the creepy restroom. The only redeeming thing was each stall had walls and doors that went all the way to the floor.

But still just so gross.

When I'm in a women's room I like to know that I can ask for toilet paper if I need it and it will be handed to me by another woman who cares.

There was this one time though....I asked for toilet paper at the Macy's in South Hills Village. A woman handed me a roll and I thanked her. She said, "No problem, it was on the floor."


I usually am pretty good at holding my tongue but I remember yelling out my disgust at the news. I mean, she told me this after I used it. So much wrong there. So much. I couldn't get home and shower fast enough.

So that bathroom in Cleveland was my first experience with a shared restroom. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Give me a ladies room. A room designated for women only. One with a tampon/pad machine. One with mirrors and pretty lights. One with lotion on the counter. That is what I like. 

Women and men are different. Period.


  1. Does your husband have to sit when he pees at home?

    1. The men in my family and extended family all leave the bathroom as they found it. They are very respectful and clean.


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