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Selling items on Craigslist and common scams

I'm selling a couple of things on Craigslist. I've done this a few times before and always, the first interested parties I hear from are scammers.
This time in my listing I specified that I will not take money orders and asked that scammers not contact me.
Here's the first interested party that I heard from:
mr robins
Is it still available for sale...
I replied: Yes it is.
Here's the second contact from the first interested party. Note that the name of the sender and the email of the sender are different than the ones from the first contact:
Clyde Wright

What I've been up to

This is what I've been doing with my time lately:

The family room in the basement of my house is made out of old barn wood. It's good in theory. Recycle an old barn. Make a fun quirky room.
If I could go back in time I'd find out when they built this room and I'd come knock on the door. I'd ask them to please clean the dirty barn wood before they put it up as walls. I'd remind them that someday they'd die and someone else would buy their house. I'd tell them that it would be nice, for that person, if they'd take the time to clean the boards.
And while I was there I'd tell them that wallpaper is a bad idea, cats are really bad with carpet and that the heating system they put in their addition was put in backwards and that they should fix it because otherwise the one part will sound like someone's banging on the doors all night long and the upstairs section sounds like there's going to be a flood. I might just throw in the fact that they shou…