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Recent Finds

We've a mish-mash of finds this week. Not all from the same place and not all to resell.

Vitamin B6 - The Happy Vitamin

Vitamin B6 is known as the happy vitamin. I started taking this last fall after researching different supplements (this is the brand that I use). The difference that it has made in my life is really miraculous. 

I ran out of it sometime in March and didn't order it for a few weeks and during that time was a different person. My attitude was grumpy. My thoughts during a certain time of the month were scary. Yet as soon as I started taking it again they all disappeared. 

When I went to my yearly gynecological appointment I mentioned this to the nurse who was checking my vitals before the appointment. She told me that women who are on anti-depressants and then become pregnant take this during their pregnancies. It's that good.

Okay, two side notes here:
1. I have decided that from now on whenever I have to go to THAT appointment I will afterwards reward myself with a new pair of shoes. And for the mammogram? I will get a pink pair of shoes. It just seems that I should get something l…

Auction & Yard Sale Things

Pig in a Bathtub

Save Money by Shopping at Ethnic Stores

Over the years I've learned that there is a lot of money to be saved by shopping at ethnic grocery stores.
You can save up to half (sometimes even more!) by searching out items that you use and getting them this way.
This is some tea that I purchased at an Eastern European store. The big one-pound box of loose leaf tea from India was only $9.99
The Christmas tea was on clearance for $3.99 and the other one (that I have no idea what it says...) was $3.99
Less than $20 for all of this tea. And it's good. So good.

I know a lot of people use coupons and scour the weekly ads to save money. I'm not interested in that. most of what I buy is fresh produce and natural and organic things, I haven't found a coupon on fennel or kale or sweet potatoes. I do what I can for my family.

What is one clever way that you save money on your grocery bill?

Anonymous Letters to the Pastor

Anyone who's been in ministry for any amount of time has had to deal with anonymous letters. In the beginning of your ministry you take them to heart. 
After you've been seasoned for some time you learn to just toss them in the trash and never give them a second thought. 
Usually they are critical of something in the church.

The music is too loud.
The preacher is preaching too long.
We need to sing more hymns.
The pastor should wear a tie.
The pastor's kids should be in ministry.
The pastor's wife needs to do ______.

Those are just a few of the ones we've received over the past couple decades.

This is not going to get his attention. 
I'm just saying.
They will only end up in the trash.
If you want to address something that's bothering you then you might want to make an appointment with one of the pastoral staff and sit down and talk about it.
They are pretty nice guys and will listen and maybe even explain to you why things are the way they are.

If you do feel the need to…

My Week in Pictures