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It's Not A Blessing if you Had to Sin to Get it

Pretty strong words but also very true. I once heard a man say his girlfriend was, "A gift from God." 

Except she wasn't because she was still married to someone else. Glenn wiggled in and turned her head and snatched her away from her husband and children.

How dare he think God had anything to do with that.

He doesn't work that way. If you want His blessings then you need to walk closely with Him. He will never bless sin. He can't. He is unable to. Sin is what separates us from God. 

Glenn may think he is living a blessed life as he runs on emotions and feelings but nothing like this will prosper. In the end it will lead to destruction. 

It already has. The family he destroyed will never be the same. 

Favorite Things: A Collection of Sorts

This Decomposition Notebook is one of the best things I've ever seen. I laughed out loud all over the store where I found this and bought a smaller one that would fit into my purse. It makes me very happy. 
This mirror from my high school locker. I can't get rid of it. It's so 80s and pink. For whatever reason I continue to keep it. I get it out and try to toss it but can't. At this point it's vintage so I should keep it. 
This tea set that I got at an auction for $5 It also came with dessert plates. I love this thing. I've used it a bunch of times and its addition made me get rid of several teapots that I had sitting in my hutch that I never used. I'm much better off with this one. 
This Nancy Drew silhouette tee-shirt. I don't actually own this but I want to. I am unable to find one to purchase though. I've scoured the Internet but there are none to be found.

Find Your Passion but Don't Drive People Crazy with it

The world is full of wannabe world changers. They find their thing and run with it. It can be anything from a personal campaign to get everyone to try the new bacon wrapped pizza from Little Caesar's to saving the tuna from being over-fished. It's everywhere and it can be a little overwhelming. We mute the TV when the rambling starts because we don't share the same passion.

Real life is full of passionate people and it's a good thing. When you find your thing (or your jam as my daughter would say) you want to tell everyone. You want to spread the word. You want everyone to be as motivated about it as you are. And some will be. Most won't. 

I've seen a lot of this over the past couple decades in ministry. An over-zealous church member (CM) presents their passion and takes on a ministry of their own and suddenly it's the Most Important Thing in the church. 

"Pastor, I need five minutes during service to talk about the pennies for puppies," she says. &q…

The Problem with America

In November of 2000 I joined a direct sales company in hope of being able to pay private school tuition for my son who was then in first grade. I was no stranger to sales and liked the product line being sold so I went for it. In the little over three years I spent with that company I won trips and had my face in the catalog, apparently other people liked the product too because I was a selling machine.
While I was with this company I believed they were the best. The best products, the best hostess program, the best trips, the best owners (I mean, they told us themselves that they cared about each one of us, yet in my experience when I had one on one time with them they didn't pay attention to what I was saying, always looking around for someone else to talk to), and the best payment plan. At our company events they told us over and over again that they were the best. 
We began to believe it. I began to believe it.

But guess what happened?
The company folded. They lost it all.
Deceit, …