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Why I hate Halloween

I hate Halloween. There. I said it.
The reason I hate it may surprise you. 
If you've ever been to church or been around any church people this time of year then I'm sure you've heard the history of this day and its pagan roots. If not, you can find a brief history here. Over time, tradition has changed this from a pagan ritualistic time to a day of fun for children. I have never wanted to rain on a child's parade or take away their fun, but I hate this day.
Aside from the creepy ghoulish decor people line their yards with, which seem to get worse with every  passing year, a simple pumpkin or two would suffice but the need for scenes from slasher-type horror films in your yard is not where I would want to take my impressionable child. Why fill their minds with scary thoughts any more than necessary? The world is a scary enough place without bloody hatchets in the arms of gruesome figures dressed in black.
I hate this day.

The reason I hate this day is not any of the above. …

Things I've Seen at the Auction

Suicidal Bees in October

I'm not sure why October brings the bees out, but they become a nuisance every year around this time. I think maybe they are yellow jackets and not bees. Anyway, I was innocently enjoying the weather on the back porch and had just made my tea the way I like it. With a splash of soy milk and some chocolate stevia. So good. I started being pestered by a pair of these flying stinging machines. Tried swatting them away but they wanted my tea.
This one got near the liquid and just as I said, "Not a good idea, bee," it landed in the tea. Gyrated for a moment and then died. Instant death comes to those who ruin my tea. #proof
I had to return to the kitchen to brew another cup and this time I used a covered one. I left the other one on the table in case anyone else wanted to jump in.

Just another day in the life....

Funny Things

It's Been Over Four Years

Four years was our personal record of how long we've lived in one house.
Twenty-three years of marriage and we've had twelve addresses, some for only a few months but still, they count. 

This house we're in now though, it's been four years and three months. Four years and three months of improvements and while I'm quite happy with my address, the house is another story. If I could tear it down and rebuild right on the same property I would be thrilled to do so.

Since by now we've already moved, I am feeling the need to purge and clean. Moving often has allowed me to not become a hoarder. I've been able to get rid of things on a regular basis and the not holding onto stuff is liberating. I will not be the old woman whose closets haven't been cleaned in years and whose pantry holds vintage soup cans still full of noodles and broth. 

Still. I need to purge. I've been considering climbing up into the attic just to see what I can get rid of.

And clean. I want…

October in PA

I'm so glad that I live in a state where we get to enjoy all four seasons. The spring, summer, fall and winter all have their own beauty. Fall has always been my favorite and October is my favorite month. It even smells the best.
Enjoy these pictures of the trees that I found on my daily four-mile walk.
Just another reason I'm proud to be a Yankee chick.

Things I've Seen at the Auction

Bubble Nails vs. Bubble Tea

Adventures in Blair County: The Knickerbocker Tavern

The Knickerbocker Tavern is one of our favorite places in Blair County to eat. They have the best roasted tomato soup that I've ever tried. Their fresh-cut fries are not rivaled and their burgers are divine. The blackened steak wrap is just a whole bunch of yum. What keeps me coming back though is the souvlaki. See it pictured above? Skewers of marinaded chicken, onion, and tomato served with a small salad with a lemony dressing and tzatziki sauce on the side. This. Is. Amazing. They have it in either chicken or beef and the chicken is my favorite. This is probably my favorite dish in all of the county. It is unparalleled. So much so that they run out of it regularly. 
Another favorite thing about the Knickerbocker is that they have an outside eating area that they refer to as the Kourtyard (yes, the way it is spelled drives me a little crazy). One can sit out here and dine and feel like they're on vacation because this can't possibly be right here in our town. 

If you haven…