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The Point of it All

My friends and family are used to my antics. I love music, especially music from the 80's, it makes me come alive and I will sing and dance along. No matter where I am. If I'm in conversation with you and a song I love starts playing I am no longer able to focus on our talk, I will tune you out and sing along, not on purpose, my mind just grabs hold of the music. I will be gone for three to four minutes, but you'll likely not know I've stepped away because I'm able to nod and give a mmmm hmmmm a few times. 

The grocery store I frequent plays the very best music. Last week I took a selfie video lip-syncing to Taylor Swift's, "Shake it Off," and uploaded it to Facebook for my friends to see. My husband is seen in the video shaking his head at me and admitted later to leaving me in the aisle alone. I'm apparently somewhat embarrassing.

Yesterday I shopped alone and did it again, this time to Debbie Gibson. And there were strangers in the aisle. I never…

What I Learned by Cruising to Alaska

What I learned by cruising to Alaska

I get seasick.
Curled in a fetal position seasick.  
Boat rocking back and forth. 
Watching the hangers in the closet sway.
Watching the swimming pool become a wave pool.
Hyperventilating seasick. 
Crying seasick. 
Throwing up seasick.

Being told "Eat green apple...." repeatedly.
Wanting to scream, "YOU eat green apple."
I don't like them on a normal day. 

I can nap on a chair in plain sight of myriads of people going up and down in the glass elevators when I'm seasick and under the influence of strong meds. 

Pretty sure I'm in some picture on Instagram somewhere.

There are thousands of people on a boat and they all eat at the same buffet.
I've long had buffetphobia.
Thousands of people using the same serving tongs. 
Where they put the food on their plate and then pick up a piece and eat it and then lick their finger and then move to the next set of serving tongs.


I found a bucket of serving spoons, took one and dug out the f…