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You Just Never Know

When my son was little we had a family joke about baby-proofing. We called it Michael-proofing. Because baby-proofing was never enough. We moved to a new town around his third birthday. Before that we lived in the country in the middle of a bunch of farms, on a busy road. I think he was a little under two years old when Michael-proofing took on a whole new meaning.
My friend Colleen and I were watching a movie while Michael napped. I heard the doorbell ring and peeked out the window but didn't see anyone. It rang again so I walked into that part of the house and the front door was shut. With a chair pushed up to it. And the little doorknob safety cover on the floor. And the deadbolt undone. And the chain lock open.
I threw open the door to see my diaper clad toddler sitting on the bench next to the door and ringing the doorbell over and over. And laughing. All the while cars rushing by just yards from where he was perched. My heart sinks when I think of what might have happened.
My v…


My husband and I got to take some time away last month and visit some friends in Williamsburg, VA. I know the area is steeped in history but it seemed that all we did was go out to lunch at a different ethnic restaurant every day. We really enjoyed ourselves.

On Tuesday we had Indian food at the Nawab Indian restaurant. They had a lunch buffet and normally I'm opposed to buffets, for many reasons-mostly because of the germs and such. I mean, everyone shares the same serving utensils, that's really gross if you think about it. I usually take a clean fork or spoon and use that to serve myself. It works for me, but don't even get me started on the other atrocities I've seen at buffets. *shiver*

Wednesday we lunched at the Nazar Mediterranean restaurant. It was okay. I had high hopes for this place but after eating at the Pita Cabana Cafe in State College it was a letdown. Pita Cabana has spoiled us (go there!!).

Thursday we had a hankering for Thai food, which is one of our…