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Guarding Your Marriage: A Debt Free Zone

If I could go back in time and change any one thing it would be to stay out of debt. Granted, there were some things that were out of our control in the early days. In one year we needed a new septic tank, a new furnace, and we didn't know that our taxes were not included in our mortgage. This all happened in our first year and a half of marriage.
That is not a good way to start out.

I wish that Dave Ramsey had written Total Money Makeover twenty years earlier.

I wish that we had not indulged in so many lunch buffet meals at The Nittany Lion Inn.

I wish that we hadn't felt like we needed to get everyone expensive Christmas presents. From Sears. Because we had a store credit card.

I wish someone had told me that if I didn't have the cash for something then I didn't need to buy it.

Want to save your marriage? Want to eliminate stress from your home?
Stay out of debt.
Does it really matter if you buy that new gadget? 
It doesn't. You don't need it.
I got so careful with my …

Tales From Vacation 2015: Saturday in Williamsburg

Guarding Your Marriage: Date Night!

We've talked an awful lot about what things not to do and what to avoid in order to guard your marriage. It's time to lighten things up and talk about some things that are good to do to guard your marriage. 

It is important to spend time together. Just the two of you. No matter how long you've been married. Life interrupts relationships and unless you are keeping up with each other you will lose each other.

Kids happen.
Jobs happen.
Debt happens.
Sickness happens.
Leaky roofs happen. 
Car accidents happen.
And the list goes on.

Just like any other relationship, you get out of it what you put into it. Wayne and I don't have a perfect marriage, because we are just two people, but we are committed to making it work.

We regularly take time each week to go out to lunch or dinner together. Since he is a sports nut and I am not, food is one thing that we can enjoy together. We have eaten in some fantastic restaurants all over the country.

Date night doesn't have to cost much. There …

Tales From Vacation 2015: Friday part II

I apologize in advance for this one. Most of the pictures are of food. After we visited the coffee shop we headed into the downtown area of Norfolk.

Norfolk kind of freaked me out a little. There are a lot of low flying planes here. A lot. Probably because of that whole military base thing. *smirk*
I don't like planes.

I did enjoy the drive down, the scenery was pretty and we drove through a tunnel that went under water. Busy roads though. I'm glad that I live in a less populated area. 

I found a little natural bistro online and so all we had to do was find a place to park. We ended up in a parking garage several blocks away so we battled the reallycoldwind and walked until we found it. 

After lunch we wandered across the street to a three-story Dillard's. I haven't been to Dillard's since we left St Louis. It's one of the few things that I miss from that area. We shopped for a bit--separately, I went to the ladies floor and then to look for a new pair of pajama'…

Tales from Vacation 2015: Friday Part I Aroma House

Our friends in Williamsburg had to work on Friday so we had the day to spend together. We drove down to Norfolk to do some more thrifting and we stumbled on this shop. Aroma Coffee House has been there since 1918, operated by the same family. They are now in their third generation. Check our their website here.

They roast and grind their own coffee beans (and they roast nuts too!)

The man sampled some coffee while I checked out the flavored tea.

They invited me into the back to see and take pictures of the machines up close. The original machines that his grandfather used are still in use today, almost one-hundred years later.

These were some of the nicest people we met on our trip. If you're looking for good coffee (the man bought a bag of the chocolate raspberry coffee) then check them out. If you can't get to Norfolk then you can order online here.

Tales from Vacation 2015: Thursday

Yard sale find in Williamsburg, VA

I found a Calphalon 8-quart multi-pot just like this one at a yard sale in Williamsburg while we were on vacation. I spent $30 on it and think I got it for a steal. I'm thrilled with this purchase!

I used it over the weekend to make a beef stew. I think maybe the man who was selling it (because he was moving to Thailand---how fun is that?) didn't use it. It was so shiny.

It looks used now!

Tales from Vacation 2015: Wednesday