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Feather pillows

This picture reminds me of something that happened to us when we were newlyweds and even newer in ministry. We married in January and in August of the same year entered full-time ministry in a college town. We didn't know anyone there, but a wonderful family invited us-and our black labrador retriever mix-to live with them until we found housing. 

Have you ever had to live with someone else? While you appreciate their hospitality, it isn't your home. And it can get stressful.

We kept the dog in a cage much like the one pictured when we left the house. 

One Sunday we arrived back at the house after church to find that the dog had torn apart a feather pillow that was left on top of the cage. I don't know who left it there or why, but it was now everywhere. 

I don't remember much more about that incident as I've blocked it from my memory. I do remember that the family we lived with just laughed it off. 

Thank God for people who don't get worked up over things like that…

Party time!

We're celebrating a birthday at my house tonight. The cakes are made, the dips are made, the iced tea is ready. The snow is falling. The balloons are blown up.

Did you know that balloons are wonderful for getting dog hair off of the carpet? They work better than the vacuum.
Now all I need is a huge supply of balloons pre-blown up so that I can just rub them on the floors when I need to clean.

Just thought you'd like to know.

21 years ago today

It's our anniversary! 21 years ago today.

I can't believe it's been that long. I mean, that's over two decades *gulp*

Someone is getting old.

Must be the husband.

Here's the card I'm giving the lucky man.

We are going to celebrate by going to lunch at one of our favorite places.

Seemingly Inconsequential

What moment was seemingly inconsequential to you at the time it happened? What decision did you make that changed your life?

We make these decisions and have these moments every day.

We meet new people all the time.

Accidents happen. Sometimes devastating a life. Sometimes because of one little decision that went wrong.

Seemingly inconsequential: 
Spend a week at summer camp when you were a teen
The result:
Friendships that last a lifetime

Share one of yours with me!

18th Place

A college friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook this week. It showed an award ribbon that boasted, "18th Place." 
This 18th Place award comes courtesy of the 97th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.
Now, I've not been to the Farm Show.  I imagine it to be somewhat bigger than the Washington County Fair that I went to every August. 
Sidenote: smelly farm animals + humid August = ick. Though they do have the very best homemade lemonade there.

I'm not sure what all goes on, but isn't an award for 18th place a little much?
"Is it really necessary?"  is what he captioned his picture with. 
Here's my comment:
"Yes. Because everyone is a winner. Welcome to 2013 in the USA where there are no losers."

And this is the reasoning that hasgranted us the people who audition on American Idol that cannot sing. Instead of having winners and losers we now have a place where everyone can feel special and important. 

Sorry to break it to you, kids, but …

Bathroom re-do

We've been in this house for a year and a half now. I'd like to think I'm easy to live with. I know, delusional too...

I don't ask for much, but this bathroom really did need to be taken care of.

Because it was a whole lot of bad. Eventually it just made me sad to be in there.

Here it is now:

We still have a little bit more to do. Like get a new door and find something to hang on the wall. But it's better. Way better. Thanks so much to my husband and a few other guys who helped. I'm eternally grateful!

New picture

We have this stone wall in our home and I've been trying to find something perfect to hang on it.
Okay, I haven't been trying all that hard.
So I've only looked on Pinterest.

My husband and I went to Hobby Lobby last weekend and found this gem. At 50% off too! It's the perfect mix of rustic, red, and words. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I'm so glad he didn't let me walk away from it. He knew how much I'd like it even before I did.

I'm just such a spendthrift.