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Showing posts from July, 2019


A year ago I entered into the last year of my forties deciding to celebrate fifty by doing something new every month. It had to be something new to me. I called it my 12 Before 50 list. 


August was simple. We were going on a cruise to Alaska. I probably did enough new things on this trip to cover more than twelve. It was fun, but we learned I get seasick. I actually hugged the ground when we docked for the first time. Stepping off of the ship, I instantly felt relief. 


September brought an opportunity I'd missed the past few years. My friend, Sharon, has made it her goal to climb a tree on every continent. That in itself is a great goal, but factor in that she's a breast cancer survivor and you'll see what she's made of. 

I made sure I didn't miss my opportunity to climb a tree with Sharon. 


October gave me the chance to do something I'd wanted to do for years. To get a tattoo.