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How Clean is Your House?

"Why is your house always so immaculate?" Donna asked as she stepped inside. This was the third or forth time she'd been to my house, all of them being this year. 

It didn't take me a second to reply, "Well, for one thing, I don't have six kids."

It's just the two of us now, so when I clean a room chances are it's going to stay that way until either he or I do something to change it. And I work from home, which allows me to run a sweeper or clean a toilet at any given moment. My friend has six kids (four at home), several dogs and cats, and works a full time job as a nurse. And she's a pastor's wife. #PlateFull

I think the six kids thing gives her a free pass for years.

Sometimes it's easy to see someone else's life situation as an unattainable goal. We look at our own situation and see a big red failure stamp on it. It's not wrong, it's not a failure, it's just different.

There's a time in all of our lives when we wil…