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Squeezing My Eyes Shut

If you're out and happen to see me squeezing my eyes shut like this guy, know that it's God working in me and I'm trying really hard to adjust my attitude. The squeezing of my eyes shut will likely result in not-so-flattering wrinkles, but it's keeping me from rolling my eyes.

Something the Holy Spirit has been dealing with me about.

You're rolling your eyes at me right now, aren't you?

As I shared with my Bible study group a few weeks ago, most of my sins are secret sins. The ones no one knows about. The unseen. But just because they are unseen doesn't mean they aren't as wrong as the ones that can be seen. 

The attitudes of my heart cause God pain. He knows my heart, He knows how I truly feel about everything. Even things that don't deserve my attention or opinion.

A neighbor's dog barking at me while I walked down my driveway this morning resulted in me squeezing my eyes shut as I immediately went into reaction mode.

"Shut it," I hollered…