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Ace Holds the Cards

Ace wanders the neighborhood of his own volition. His mom once told me that he won't potty when he's on a leash so she just lets him wander. He meanders through each yard, doing whatever he wants, while she watches and tries to correct him.

"Come here, Ace."
"I'm sorry," she says to me as Ace approaches my dog (who is leashed). 
"No no, Ace."

And so on.

Ace is king of the hill, ruler of his house, master instead of pet. 
And Ace is only about four pounds.

Someone isn't playing with a full deck. Instead of leashing their dog they allow him to control their lives. They follow him around the neighborhood, cutting through yards, walking on driveways to get to the woods behind the houses. All because Ace won't potty while leashed. 

They are allowing a four-pound pet to control them.

If this is how a dog is being raised how are we parenting our children? It's no wonder America is in the state it's in.

Give them screens to appease them.