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Be Still

Be still. The words resonated with me as I climbed the hill on my morning walk. Every step added to my angst. My mind whirled with self-loathing, hormonal rage, and annoyance at the dog on the end of the leash who just wanted to spring after each and every bunny she saw. I came home and decided I needed to step back from the world. 

It's okay to put yourself in time out.

When the world is hurried and we begin to feel overwhelmed perhaps it's our soul crying for some time to be still. 

It's in the stillness that we are able to listen to the voice that matters most. God beckons us to come to Him and rest. He wants to refresh us with His peace and His song. 

The laundry can wait.
The dishes can wait.
The television show will still be there.
Facebook isn't going anywhere.

Today is fleeting. Tomorrow isn't confirmed.

Take this moment and wait. Be still. Allow His presence to find you and relax in it. 
Don't be afraid to be gentle to yourself. The world and its bustling is rel…

Whatever Happened to Common Courtesy?

My husband and his administrative assistant were at the church on a recent day and saw, courtesy of the security camera's view, a car pull into the parking lot. They watched as a teenager wrangled free of the full car and waltzed into the church. After a moment of quiet my husband strolled out to the foyer where he came upon said teen and asked if he could help him.

"Can I use the bathroom?" the teen asked.
Wayne agreed and that was that.

But that was not that.

Soon more people piled out of the car and came into the church one at a time. Kids of all ages. Then the mother joined them inside. After a few minutes she went back outside to collect her Squatty Potty from her car.

I wish I was kidding. 

She carried it to the bathroom where I suppose they had quality family time together.

My husband and his AA were watching this unfold with their jaws dropped. After another few minutes mom was seen walking back out to the car where she collected a bag and brought it back into the chur…

Did you get the message?

Messages have been directed towards us since the day be breathed our introductory breath. Some of the first we heard first were, "Shhhh," and "Don't cry."

When we were a little older we heard, 
"Sit still"
"Speak up"
"Finish your dinner"
"Don't eat too much"

Once school started it was, "Don't talk in class," and, "Don't talk to strangers."

Talking in class is pretty much the only thing I ever got in trouble for. I can't help it. I like to laugh.

School was filled with messages.
"You're not applying yourself."  
"You could do so much better."
"You'll never get into college with these grades."
"You'll never amount to anything, why try so hard?"

We were forced to participate in all kinds of school activities (of which gym class was my least favorite of all). Some of us were forced to be in church every time the doors were open. Some made to endure mu…