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Dawn Dolls

In the 70s most of my friends played with Barbie. I had many Barbie dolls, just like they did, but my favorites were the smaller Dawn dolls (made by Topper). I loved their little selves and their little accessories. I've been collecting some that I've been lucky to find at yard sales over the past few years.

This case I found at a yard sale in a free pile! I was thrilled to find something to house my collection in.
Here are my dolls. I got five of them (and a bunch of clothing) this year at one sale. Three were headless and I had to buy heads on eBay. 

You really can buy or sell anything on eBay.

A piece of my weekend

Vegetable Hunting

There are some folks who live "in the valley" who refer to those of us who drive to the valley to buy vegetables from the Amish as "vegetable hunters." My daughter and I drove out earlier this week to stock up on some fresh produce. Thought you might enjoy the scenery.

Adventures in Central PA: Thousand Steps

There's a little sign marking this spot along the road between Huntingdon and Mount Union (Mt Union is famous for the Creation festivals each summer). We've driven by dozens of times and I've always wanted to stop and climb the steps. Check out these Google search results for more info on the history here.
Three days ago some friends were planning to do this and we joined in.
If you do this, go with people older than you. We went with some teens who bounded up the mountain like it was nothing.

I was unaware that we had lizards in PA. I know that we have salamanders but didn't know about the lizards. This is about the size of reptile that I like. Glad we grow them small here.
We didn't see any other creatures on our adventure. A man we passed told us that there was a big black snake at about step 800, but by the time we got there it was gone.

I do want to