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Favorite websites

It's been a while since we've discussed our favorite websites. Here are a few of my favorites:

My Fitness Pal
a free online weight loss/maintenance site. I've been on there since January 2012 and it's been so helpful.
well, no explanation needed
so much fun in one place should not be allowed
local weather, as in local local. These folks are just 40 minutes up the road from me.
the best place for foodies to find new places to eat 
a must if you're an avid reader

Mineral Make-up Tip

My sixteen year old suggested that I place a cottonball inside the lid of my Lemongrass Spa mineral make-up to keep it from spilling into the top when the lid is on. What a great tip! This can be used for any powdered cosmetic.

Do you have any helpful hints to share?

What's missing?

What's missing from this picture?
That's right, the owner of the purse.
She's in the fitting room.

Remember my post about stupid things?

Let's add this one to the list.

Songs in ads on TV

I find it more than a little disconcerting that songs from the 80s are now being used as jingles in ads on TV.

The worst is the Chase (?) remake of Footloose. I mean, come on, that's like messing with a piece of history. How could they do that? How could Kenny Loggins allow that?
It's just not right.

I've heard I'm Only Human by The Human League. That one doesn't bother me as much because I never liked that song. I associate it with some things that I'd rather not remember.

Valentine's Day dinner

I spent most of Tuesday rolling out pasta dough and using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make these ravioli. They were the perfect dinner for Valentine's Day. 

Paired them with a green salad and then for dessert we had chocolate pasta with a hazelnut cocoa sauce, fresh raspberries, hazelnuts, whipped cream, and shaved white chocolate.
Decadent to say the least.
It was fun to create a holiday meal. I'm wondering which holiday I can make the next big meal for. Any ideas?

Yesterday...seems so far away

I'm so glad yesterday is over. I set aside the entire day to work on something very special.
Heart-shaped ravioli's for Valentines Day.
I mixed up the freezing cold meat filling by hand (left the water running on lukewarm so I could warm them up when they started to numb), made the dough myself, rolled it out, used a cute little heart cookie cutter to cut them out, filled them by hand, pinched the edges and then sealed them with a fork, tossed them in the freezer and then started the process all over again.

I made a nice batch of the heart ones for tomorrow and the rest I made into regular ravioli shape. 

I also did other housework, but the ravioli took up most of the day. When dinner time rolled around the last thing I wanted to do was cook, but I threw together a chicken curry vegetable soup with everything that was left in the fridge from last week's grocery trip. It was one of the best pots of soup I ever made. I need to go back and write down what I did so I can replicate…

My mother knows

I have no idea how she knows because these are things that I don't tell anyone.

I'm thinking about getting some Cutco knives. 
She gives me some.

I'm thinking about getting a new mini food processor.
She gives me one.

I'm thinking about getting a new blender.
She gives me one.

I'm thinking about getting a mandolin (food slicer, not the instrument!).
She gives me one.

Now, if she gives me a beach house I'm going to go totally crazy.....