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Just a Little

It started innocently. Chelsea found a summery fragrance that she loved. A little squirt here and there kept her happy all day. Soon she couldn't smell it on herself any longer so she added several more squirts. Within weeks she increased her daily spraying until she was fully covered in her favorite scent. 

This is where we met.

Chelsea greeted me with a hug and I complimented her on her fragrance. It smelled good. At first. Soon after our interaction I realized her scent was on me. It had saturated my clothing, hair, and skin. What smelled good at first soon became nauseating. I couldn't look over my shoulder without being nasally assaulted. As soon as I arrived home I scrubbed my shirt and my shoulder but I could still smell it. I realized it had seeped through two layers of clothes into my bra strap. My bra strap, people! This was a little too invasive and personal for me. 

Though, being an introvert, the initial hug was a step outside my comfort zone. 

But now I had been over…