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Take time to laugh a little

Ever feel that way? Half of you wants to work out (well, maybe not even half, maybe just .01%) and the rest of you wants to put on the frumpy clothes and veg. The thing is though, that in order to feel better you need to work out. Trust me. This works.
And this one just makes me laugh because every girl knows the struggle. We just want to lose weight but hey look, cake!

This fancy beaded water bottle holder that was at the auction one day made me laugh. Why does this exist?

And this. Ha ha ha. Just laugh. words needed here.

Life is Not a Fairytale

I know, it's a pretty gruesome picture. But it's probably more realistic than anything else.
Life isn't what we think it should be.
It's not a fairytale.
No one has a perfect life.
Everyone goes through hard times.

The problem arises when we look at others and think they've got it better than we do. Let me let you in on a little secret....

That person you look at and wish you were more like? They don't have it all together. 

No one does.

We are all muddling through this journey called life.

Everyone has insecurities.
Everyone looks in the mirror and sighs.
Everyone has secrets they don't dare tell anyone.
Everyone is afraid of something.

I have a few very close friends that I share my heart with and they do the same with me. The thing is though, if you were to look at our Facebook pages you would think the three of us have lives to be envied. But you don't know the stories behind the pictures. When I look at these ladies I see what you see, but I also know the ugly …

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

I don't know about you, but I don't want to share public bathrooms with men. I do that at an auction I attend every week and I've learned a few things:

They don't flush. They just leave their bubbly yellow water in the toilet. I get to flush before and after I go. Yippee.

They leave droplets on the floor. Ewww.

They don't put the seat down. So I have to take toilet paper to push the seat down and jump back as it falls.

But there are more reasons than that as to why I don't want to share bathrooms. Personal girl reasons. 

Ladies, we have bathroom activities that men don't. I've seen plenty of left-overs in women's rooms too. In my own church I've cleaned DNA-laced liquids off of toilet seats and rims (after I glove up though because.... ick) I've seen #2 leftovers that make me wonder why the sufferer didn't clean up or wasn't admitted to a hospital.

Public Service Announcement: 
If you drip colored liquids on the toilet, clean it up. 
If you …

Amy Grant and Hot Flashes and Apple Cider Vinegar

It started innocently enough. I laughed from the front row of Amy's concert on November 5th as she finished a song and said, "Whew! Nothing like having a hot flash in the middle of a song." I laughed because I couldn't relate. At. All. But in a few weeks hot flashes and I would be in an abusive relationship. Thanksgiving evening I thought I was dying. I was seriously ready to tell my husband to take me to the ER because I was hot and my heart was racing. I'd been going outside to stand on the porch to cool off all day and was pretty sure I was coming down with something that would incapacitate me.
Then the strange night stuff started.  I'd be asleep and then toss off the sheets as I lay there with a fire burning inside me and sweat pouring off of me. This started at about 8:00 at night and continued hourly (and sometimes even more often) until about 9:00 the next morning. I was not sleeping well. 
Still convinced I was dying, I mentioned all of this to a friend wh…