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Things I've Uttered With Shingles

Put the voodoo doll away.

It's all those poisoned darts I've shot over the years, they're being returned to me.

I'm being stabbed in the neck/head/ear.

My skin is on fire.

Come here, do you need something scratched? Let me scratch it for you. Okay, now get a satisfied look on your face. Yeah, that's it.

Never thought I'd be using those labor breathing techniques again.

Never thought I'd be using the phrase, "I'm glad my skin is crusting over."

I'm hideous. 


All of these, along with a myriad of pleas to God for help. And thankful thoughts that a moment has passed and I'm that much closer to the end.

Sometimes you just need a little reminder

We all know that God loves us, but sometimes it's nice when He gives us a little reminder.
In August I stopped at Amy Grant's website to see if she was going to have any shows anywhere near me. I was elated to find out that she'd be just up the road in State College as part of the Mussleman's Apple Sauce Ice Skating show. I think I stopped at the website on a Tuesday and tickets went on sale that Friday. My daughter loves ice skating and I love Amy so it would be a win/win for us.
We planned to make a day of it.
I purchased the cheap seats on the upper level because I figured it would be a good view of the skating and since I didn't know where Amy would be singing I thought I'd be able to see her from up there.
The $20 tickets were still almost $30 each after the fees and shipping charges.
We arrived at the show last Sunday and asked where our seats were, I saw the second level and also saw the lights that were assembled there for the show. My heart sank when I real…

I've raised her right

My daughter ran up the basement stairs this morning to tell me that she dropped a can of paint on a big spider.
I've raised her right.
For years I've covered over the hideous beasts with whatever I had close by. Pots, pans, jars, what have you. I'd leave them there and then when the man came home I'd tell him to go take care of what was underneath.
I'm glad I was able to pass this on to her.

Life Inside the Hamster Ball

I love this poster about introverts. It explains it so well. The recent awareness about introverts has helped me understand myself. I now realize why I don't like loud, crowded events. I understand why I've never felt comfortable at a prayer meeting. Why I don't like greeting time at church. Why eating "family style" at a restaurant with strangers is horrifying. Why I don't like to attend conferences.
I'm not saying that I don't enjoy people, I do. I just like them in smaller groups and in quiet settings.
Small talk is energy sucking.
Give me a long casual conversation anytime.

I was recently having a lovely conversation with someone I'll call Amanda. We hadn't seen each other in a few years and were having a nice quiet talk. Suddenly we were interrupted by another woman that I recognized but didn't really know who she was. She got in our faces and was going on and on (and ON) very loudly.
I wanted to get away but didn't want to do that to …