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I'm Sorry

A few months ago a man stopped by the church on a Sunday morning before the service to talk to the pastor (Note to everyone: please don't do this, he has a lot on his mind already. Call the office during the week and schedule a time to meet with him). 

"It'll only take a minute," Carl said. The pastor, caught off guard, agreed to speak with him. "I wanted to apologize to you. I've been telling lies about you all over town and I need to make it right." The pastor was dumbfounded, but accepted the quasi-apology and watched as Carl walked out the door, convinced he'd done what he needed to to make it right. The pastor was left to preach his Sunday sermon with an arrow sticking out of his back. 

A similar thing happened on a Wednesday night as Alissa stopped by before Bible study to talk to the pastor. "I'm making things right with some people in my life," she said. And that was that. 

I was bewildered by these two confessions. Both feeling a…