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God Made Me This Way

Have  you ever taken a personality test? I've found the study of personalities extremely fascinating and have been intrigued by the results for almost twenty years -- ever since I took my very first one at a Pastor's Wives retreat. It was like someone was shining a flashlight inside of me and I was able to understand the why of my deepest thoughts.
Finally! Reasons and answers for why I am the way I am....well, other than the obvious that God made me this way because He created me to be unique. He made you that way too.

16 Personalities is a quick test that you can take to figure out what your basic traits are. This is shockingly accurate. If you've ever heard someone say that they were one of the ones pictured in the little box above and you had no idea what they were talking about then take this test. It will blow your mind. And if you're nice then maybe we can compare results. 

This test will quickly tell you which of the four basic temperaments you have. Sanguine, mel…

Evie -- Gentle Moments

Before there was Amy there was Evie. I became a fan of both of them at around the same time. I grew to love Amy more though, and collected all of her recordings since I found her in 1980 #stillcollecting

Evie I always enjoyed. I had just a few of her records. Yes, records. This was way back in the 70s and 80s. Gentle Moments was one of my favorites.

Remember this track list?
Give Them All
For Baby (For Bobbie)
Broken Up People
Part the Waters
I Don't Have to Worry
You Got the Power
Shepherd of Love
Meet Me Here
Pass it On

I purchased this from iTunes this week. I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with these songs that my heart remembers.

What records call to you through the decades?

Keena Alyce Designs

While I was away at our annual women in ministry retreat I met up with Keena and was entranced with her handmade creations. What a gift she has!
She has an etsy shop and I've linked to it below but I wanted to show you some of her things.

Here she is with some of her creations. She is as sweet as the items she makes.

Please visit her site Keena Alyce Designs and see all of the beautiful things that she creates.

Adventures in Blair County: Tim's All American Cafe

If you're looking for fancy then skip Tim's. This is not a showplace to bring people that you want to impress. It smells bad, is small and is pretty outdated in the decor. If you're looking for huge portions of homestyle food then you'll find it at Tim's.
There is a bar that greets you when you walk in. I've only been to Tim's for lunch so I don't know what the atmosphere is like at night. 
In addition to the regular menu they have a menu board that changes with different specials.
If fresh cut fries are your thing (they are my weakness!) then you need to try Tim's fries.

The pictures don't do it justice, but the portions are massive. Pittsburgh style chicken salad right there, it's enough for two or three meals. You will be taking your leftovers home.

Certainly not healthy food, but once a year or so I like to stop in and indulge.

Little Miss Muffet

I found this picture in an old book of Mother Goose rhymes. That is exactly how I picture Little Miss M would react to a spider coming down beside her. Pretty sure I would react the same way. Ick.

History lesson at an auction

This captured Japanese WW II flag from 1943
Signed by the men who served together for freedom
I think they'd be disappointed in the state of our country today
The flag is brittle and falling apart
And so is the good old USA

These were real, breathing Americans. The kind that gave up everything for a cause. When was the last time that you had to give up anything for a cause?

Look these over and remember what America stood for.