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Temptation in the produce department

I don't know why these are located in the produce department right next to nuts and dried fruit. I'd stick them in the nut aisle, but that's just me.

I cannot be trusted with these little nuggets of goodness. I considered buying them for a split second and then walked right on by.

They are just too easy to eat a handful at a time.

War Ration Book

As I'm enamored with all-things 1940s, I was beyond thrilled when I happened upon this at an estate sale. The seller was keeping several of these for herself and I was there at the right moment when she was showing them to a friend.

I asked if she'd like to sell just one of them and she said it would be $4

Small Changes: Granola Bars

I remember in the 80s when granola bars seemed to burst onto the scene. Granola itself had been around for forever, the bars though? A pocket size snack that was "good for you," at least that's the way it was supposed to be.

We've evolved from healthy granola bars with grains, fruits, and nuts into cereal bars with everything in them. 

Take a look at these:

One might assume that since it's Special K and only 90 calories that it's good for you. That isn't the case at all. Look at those ingredients! Some are horrifying. But that's not the worst that I found on my quick trip to the store.

These Fiber One Chewy for Kids bars are disgusting. It's no wonder we're raising a generation of sick, lazy, fat kids. Most of these ingredients are chemicals. "Strawberry flavored fruit bits" - No thank you.

On the same shelf I found these:

 Still not ideal, but a lot better. At least you know what these ingredients are. And red beet powder as a dye? Why ca…


I spent this past weekend in Pittsburgh, for seven months my daughter and her best friend were anticipating the Taylor Swift concert. The last time we went we got home at 3:00 A.M. so this time we stayed at a hotel in the city.

We arrived at our hotel an hour after check-in time and found that they didn't have any rooms ready. "We are overbooked and housekeeping is trying to keep up." 
Is there anything more annoying? This room was booked seven months ago. After some firm talking by my friend we were given a room to get ready in and when our room was ready we simply moved our things over to it.

We found that we weren't the only fans in town. There was an Anthrocon convention going on and there were "furries" everywhere.

I looked it up and am still not sure what the big deal is. It looks to me like grown-ups in animal costumes. With tails and ears and everything.

I walked right up behind that one in the second picture there and snapped that shot just for my son. …