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Small Changes: Butter

In the quest for a healthy body I began to study nutrition and learned a lot about what the body needs in order to heal itself and keep it well.
This is a new weekly feature I plan on doing for you.
Small Changes are little things that you can do to live better.
Some may be physical changes, but most will be dietary.
The first one that I want to start with is butter vs. margarine. 

Butter is a natural product, organic or conventional, it's made from ingredients that God gave us.

Margarine. Well, margarine is not.

Some go so far as to say it's only one molecule away from being plastic.
That said, this is not something that you want to ingest. Back in the 80s there was a big uprising to get people to switch from butter to margarine, they said it was heart-healthy. Now the opposite is being shown (which only makes sense, because it is a processed food and butter is a natural product).

Look at the ingredients on this tub of Country Crock:
I'm not even sure how to pronounce some of those…

Dutch Hill Chocolates

There's nothing better than a bite of chocolate. Once in a while, after the man and I have our Friday lunch date, we'll stop in at Dutch Hill Chocolates (at the top of 17th Street) for dessert. We each pick out a few and then enjoy on the ride home. It's one of the little things that we like to do together. 

It's a small shop, but has just enough variety for each of us to find a few goodies. This is the only chocolate shop where I've ever seen wintergreen candy. As in, chocolate covered wintergreen cream. It sounds different because it is different. One of the man's favorites. Here's the little box we got today. The one on the top right corner? Yeah, that's a Black Forest Truffle. You can be jealous. It was amazing.

Every day deserves a little chocolate.