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Jan's in Crisis Mode Again

My husband and I recently binged on The Brady Bunch. We watched the entire series, one groovy episode at a time.

Don't judge. 

There isn't much on television these days I can watch without feeling like I need a soul-cleansing afterwards. The Brady's are where it's at. All problems are solved with a moral lesson by the end of the show. 

Come to think of it, 2017 could use some Brady Bunch morality.

The one thing that stuck with me while we indulged was how often Jan found herself distraught. "Jan's in crisis mode again," I'd say, while rolling my eyes. Her character grated on my nerves. She. Drove. Me. Crazy.

I don't know if she's the classic example of Middle Child Syndrome, but nothing ever went right for her. She'd start out thinking she would excel at something, be the best one in her family, and her dreams would be crushed again as she ended up humiliated and went straight into crisis mode.

How often are we like that? We are never satisfied …