Real Couch purse!!

What a deal! Real Couch purses! Should I get them?


  1. If they are "Coach" purses, you should get them and resell them. My co-worker bought one for $160, and that was a discount of 20%.

  2. Yeah, they aren't real. LOL. No one would sell a real one for such a little price. Especially in my town where fake everything abounds. It's nearly impossible to tell the difference anymore between a real one and a knock-off. So much so that ebay continually pulls listings for fake bags. A seller can be banned for selling knock-offs. That is one thing I am not interested in.

  3. Wow. If you're going to try to sell knock-offs, the least you could do is spell the brand name correctly. Sheesh.

  4. hahaha I thought it was a purse made from the fabric of a couch... which I just didn't understand either until I saw the second set of pics and the "C" for coach and realized what they meant.


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