The best hand cream I've ever used

Winter weather is upon us and I thought I'd share the best hand cream that I've ever found. My hands get very dry and cracked in the cold weather. I've found that wearing rubber gloves when I clean (I do this all year long, not just when it's cold) and wearing gloves when it's cold outside helps a lot. 
I've tried many lotions over the years and used to swear by Neutrogena but I quit using that when I switched to all-natural products. Because you shouldn't put anything onto your body that you wouldn't put into your body.
On the search for natural hand cream I came across the Bee Bar by Honey House Naturals. While they have a nice assortment of products, the Bee Bar is the only one I've tried yet (mostly because I love the Lemongrass Spa products that I sell. If you're interested in trying any please contact me for a one-time special offer).
The Bee Bar is the only thing I've found that is long lasting and truly stays on after washing my hands.
I haven't had cracked and bleeding skin since I've used it.
I generally purchase mine on eBay since there are no local retailers in my town.
I highly recommend this product.
Another tip for keeping your hands crack-free is to avoid clapping. Trust me, this really helps.

What is your favorite natural product?


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