Suicidal Bees in October

 I'm not sure why October brings the bees out, but they become a nuisance every year around this time. I think maybe they are yellow jackets and not bees. Anyway, I was innocently enjoying the weather on the back porch and had just made my tea the way I like it. With a splash of soy milk and some chocolate stevia. So good. I started being pestered by a pair of these flying stinging machines. Tried swatting them away but they wanted my tea.
This one got near the liquid and just as I said, "Not a good idea, bee," it landed in the tea. Gyrated for a moment and then died. Instant death comes to those who ruin my tea. #proof

I had to return to the kitchen to brew another cup and this time I used a covered one. I left the other one on the table in case anyone else wanted to jump in.

Just another day in the life....


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