Little Treasures

 My husband and son visited my parents this week while I spent time organizing and cleaning the house. They came home with this little Bible that I didn't remember but had my name and scribbles all over it. Apparently I'd given it to my neighbor when we were younger because he didn't have a Bible. His mom saved it all these years and recently returned it to my mother. It made my heart happy.
 I used to write my name anywhere I could and writing on the edges of the pages of a book was fascinating to me. I still remember how fun it was. 
 I had a fantastic sticker collection in the early 80s. It was the best. I decorated this Bible with some, but sadly none of my scratch 'n sniff ones made it in there.
 Apparently I decided that the end of Genesis needed an extra verse so I added #29 "Thou shalt not lie." 
 Not sure if I thought that adding a verse would keep me out of heaven, but I guess I tried to remind Jesus that I thought He was #1 and Satan was #200,000,000,000,000 etc. 
And then, this. My friends at school. I am still close to one of them. The one wearing the "best friend" badge.


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