My husband and I got to take some time away last month and visit some friends in Williamsburg, VA. I know the area is steeped in history but it seemed that all we did was go out to lunch at a different ethnic restaurant every day. We really enjoyed ourselves.

On Tuesday we had Indian food at the Nawab Indian restaurant. They had a lunch buffet and normally I'm opposed to buffets, for many reasons-mostly because of the germs and such. I mean, everyone shares the same serving utensils, that's really gross if you think about it. I usually take a clean fork or spoon and use that to serve myself. It works for me, but don't even get me started on the other atrocities I've seen at buffets. *shiver*

Wednesday we lunched at the Nazar Mediterranean restaurant. It was okay. I had high hopes for this place but after eating at the Pita Cabana Cafe in State College it was a letdown. Pita Cabana has spoiled us (go there!!).

Thursday we had a hankering for Thai food, which is one of our favorites. We found the Bangkok Garden restaurant and I ate what might possibly have been the most garlic I've ever had in one sitting. That's saying a lot.

Friday I had my first Pho. I had to text my sister-in-law who lives in a much more diverse area than I do and ask her what kind to get because she mentions having pho on Facebook. A lot. I think she's addicted. And I may be too after just one experience. We ate at The Saigon Pearl Vietnamese restaurant.

On Saturday we started our drive home to the Promised Land. I'd searched for something different on urbanspoon and found Persian food in the town of Towson, MD. We ate at the Orchard Market & Cafe. It was unbelievable. Finished with the best baklava I've ever tasted.

On the last full day of our vacation we stopped to visit family and while there we had the evening to ourselves. My husband got on his iPhone and checked out the local eateries on Urbanspoon and found the haute chocolate cafe. He decided right then that he was going to take me there. He said it was my kind of place.

Just look at it. It was perfect before we even stepped inside.

I was truly surrounded by chocolate. From the display case featuring their homemade goodies

To the first wall full of gourmet chocolate bars

And the second wall full of really gourmet chocolate bars (read: expensive ones, one was $9- I so badly wanted to try a $9 chocolate bar, but my inner Dave Ramsey said not to)

Then we looked up at the menu board. They indulged me when I said I'd like to take a picture of the hot chocolate selections. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? I ordered the punjabi.

We purchased this little ball of goodness to share

And then the hot chocolate arrived

My face says it all. Yes, it was close-your-eyes good.

I recommend ending your vacations with this kind of experience. I also recommend beginning your vacations this way. In fact, I think for my next vacation I'll just set up a tent on their front lawn.


  1. Oh how I miss you, my chocolate sister friend. xo ~ Grace


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