Feather pillows

This picture reminds me of something that happened to us when we were newlyweds and even newer in ministry. We married in January and in August of the same year entered full-time ministry in a college town. We didn't know anyone there, but a wonderful family invited us-and our black labrador retriever mix-to live with them until we found housing. 

Have you ever had to live with someone else? While you appreciate their hospitality, it isn't your home. And it can get stressful.

We kept the dog in a cage much like the one pictured when we left the house. 

One Sunday we arrived back at the house after church to find that the dog had torn apart a feather pillow that was left on top of the cage. I don't know who left it there or why, but it was now everywhere. 

I don't remember much more about that incident as I've blocked it from my memory. I do remember that the family we lived with just laughed it off. 

Thank God for people who don't get worked up over things like that.

We are still blessed to have this family in our lives, and now that it's been over 20 years they're almost like our own family.


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