Sometimes you just need a little reminder

We all know that God loves us, but sometimes it's nice when He gives us a little reminder.
In August I stopped at Amy Grant's website to see if she was going to have any shows anywhere near me. I was elated to find out that she'd be just up the road in State College as part of the Mussleman's Apple Sauce Ice Skating show. I think I stopped at the website on a Tuesday and tickets went on sale that Friday. My daughter loves ice skating and I love Amy so it would be a win/win for us.
We planned to make a day of it.
I purchased the cheap seats on the upper level because I figured it would be a good view of the skating and since I didn't know where Amy would be singing I thought I'd be able to see her from up there.
The $20 tickets were still almost $30 each after the fees and shipping charges.
We arrived at the show last Sunday and asked where our seats were, I saw the second level and also saw the lights that were assembled there for the show. My heart sank when I realized we were going to sit right behind the big lights. I'd hoped we would still have a decent view.
When we got to our section I handed the usher my ticket and he said, "Due to lighting your seats have been changed," and handed me a new ticket
 that was double the price of my ticket, and then he walked us down to the fourth row. Right behind where the band would be. 
But wait. It gets better.
This show is going to be televised on ABC in November. The producer came by shortly afterwards and asked for people to move down to fill in the section below for the cameras. Yes. Yes, I immediately (to the chagrin of my daughter) grabbed my stuff and hopped down to the very first row behind the band. 
Right behind where Amy (my favorite performer since 1980) would be singing.
Now, ideally I would have rather watched her face than her backside, but we had a fantastic view.

 We got to see what the band was seeing. And I was able to give Amy a shout-out right at the start of the intermission. She turned and waved and smiled at me. 
It was a great evening with my favorite daughter.

And then the week from hell set in.
I'd had a searing pain in my shoulder since late Friday night (the show was Sunday night) and no matter what I did it wouldn't go away.

On Tuesday morning I woke up with a full blown nasty rash. Googled my symptoms.

This has been the worst week of my life. This virus is hideous. The pain is worse than childbirth.

A couple of days ago I googled "celebrities with shingles" and guess who's pretty face appeared?



At least I know that if she lived through this horror so will I.



  1. Praying for you. So sorry you are hurting.

  2. Well those are some amazing (and awful) things all jam packed into one week! Hope you are feeling better!


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