Whatever Happened to Common Courtesy?

My husband and his administrative assistant were at the church on a recent day and saw, courtesy of the security camera's view, a car pull into the parking lot. They watched as a teenager wrangled free of the full car and waltzed into the church. After a moment of quiet my husband strolled out to the foyer where he came upon said teen and asked if he could help him.

"Can I use the bathroom?" the teen asked.
Wayne agreed and that was that.

But that was not that.

Soon more people piled out of the car and came into the church one at a time. Kids of all ages. Then the mother joined them inside. After a few minutes she went back outside to collect her Squatty Potty from her car.

I wish I was kidding. 

She carried it to the bathroom where I suppose they had quality family time together.

My husband and his AA were watching this unfold with their jaws dropped. After another few minutes mom was seen walking back out to the car where she collected a bag and brought it back into the church. Wayne then decided to go see what she was doing and found her in the kitchen washing some of her family's dirty dishes.

"Can I help you?" he asked.
"I'm just washing some dishes," she replied.
"Don't you think you should ask?"
"I didn't think it would be a problem," she said.

Whatever happened to common courtesy? Would you take it upon yourself to go to a church (or any private business) and do these things without asking? 

They left in their car with New York plates without thanking anyone. The idea that we are entitled to do what we want is ruining our country.

We have a dumpster behind our church and had a recent yard sale. At the end of the day the items were sorted into a donate pile and a trash pile. The trash was taken to the dumpster and strategically placed inside to get as much in as possible without it peeking over the lid because the trash hauling company has a rule about it being that way. My husband arrived at church the next morning for Sunday service and saw that the dumpster had been rooted through and rearranged so it was now overflowing. Not only that, but things the dumpster divers didn't want were left piled outside of the dumpster on the ground. He had to once again put everything back inside.

It seems we aren't teaching people a few basic life lessons:

Ask before assuming you can do things. 
Leave things as you found them.
If it's not yours don't touch it.

Join me next week when we'll discuss the people who sit in church and clip their nails during the service, leaving a pile of their DNA on the floor.... 


  1. Wow! That's crazy (and very funny). Granted, a church is a safe place to do those things if you need the help, but asking seems obvious to me!

    1. I have many more stories....like the time we returned from lunch to find a camper set up on the church lawn. Awning out, people laying in the sun in their bathing suits....


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