The Point of it All

My friends and family are used to my antics. I love music, especially music from the 80's, it makes me come alive and I will sing and dance along. No matter where I am. If I'm in conversation with you and a song I love starts playing I am no longer able to focus on our talk, I will tune you out and sing along, not on purpose, my mind just grabs hold of the music. I will be gone for three to four minutes, but you'll likely not know I've stepped away because I'm able to nod and give a mmmm hmmmm a few times. 

The grocery store I frequent plays the very best music. Last week I took a selfie video lip-syncing to Taylor Swift's, "Shake it Off," and uploaded it to Facebook for my friends to see. My husband is seen in the video shaking his head at me and admitted later to leaving me in the aisle alone. I'm apparently somewhat embarrassing.

Yesterday I shopped alone and did it again, this time to Debbie Gibson. And there were strangers in the aisle. I never gave it a second thought. "Shake your love, I just can't shake your love..."

When we were in Alaska this summer I couldn't wait to get off of the ship and onto land. I'd battled severe seasickness and felt instant relief when I was back on the ground. I was so happy that I handed my phone to a friend and laid down, arms hugging the pavement, to pose for pictures. People were staring. I didn't care.

Yet last week, just before I recorded my debut with Taylor Swift, we saw an old friend. She mentioned she was going to have surgery later in the week and asked us to keep her in prayer. We did the good Christian thing and said we would.

But God had other plans.

"Pray for her now," He prompted.

I looked around, knowing people would see.

"But..." I knew arguing with Him was futile. Disappointing Him is my biggest fear in life.

I said, "Let's pray now," reached to touch her shoulder, and uttered a heartfelt prayer, feeling uncomfortable all the while. 

But it's not about my comfort. It's about my obedience.

Yes. I'm the pastor's wife and I felt uncomfortable praying for a friend at Trader Joe's. Does this make me a bad Christian? No. I think it makes me a normal one. One who needs to learn to lay down her pride and choose to be obedient no matter what. 

Obedience should be my first reaction. There shouldn't be a pause between His request and my acting on it. Because it doesn't matter who looks or what they think. All that matters is what my Father in heaven thinks. 

I'm still working on me. God's still working on me.

But that's the point of it all. 


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