Wrapping presents has never been my favorite thing to do

Wrapping presents has never been my favorite thing to do. Sure, I make them look half decent, but I don't like doing it.
I found some wrapping paper on clearance at TJ Maxx (my favorite store!) last year after Christmas. Thought it was a great deal and it was handmade in India.
Well, I won't make that mistake again.
This stuff if horrid.
It gets glitter everywhere. It's the consistency of wallpaper. Tape doesn't stick to it.

In fact, the only tape that I can make stick to it is my packing tape. 
Yeah. So I'm sure everyone will enjoy trying to get into my wrapped really well presents next week.
Anything to save a buck or two.


  1. I hate wrapping presents...mostly because I'm really bad at it. I use gift bags as often as possible! :) Too bad that paper is a pain, it IS pretty!


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