It's Not A Blessing if you Had to Sin to Get it

Pretty strong words but also very true. I once heard a man say his girlfriend was, "A gift from God." 

Except she wasn't because she was still married to someone else. Glenn wiggled in and turned her head and snatched her away from her husband and children.

How dare he think God had anything to do with that.

He doesn't work that way. If you want His blessings then you need to walk closely with Him. He will never bless sin. He can't. He is unable to. Sin is what separates us from God. 

Glenn may think he is living a blessed life as he runs on emotions and feelings but nothing like this will prosper. In the end it will lead to destruction. 

It already has. The family he destroyed will never be the same. 


  1. How do you respond when this occurs? I want to, but usually don't.

    1. I'm getting better with responding to things that shock me. I used to not know what to say and didn't have the boldness to say it. The older I get the less I care what people think of me. If they are spouting out untruths in the name of God then I will set them straight. It's uncomfortable, but the state of their soul is more important than my comfort.


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