I was almost killed this morning

It's true. I could have died. I was in the kitchen doing some dishes when a guy just like the one pictured above came scurrying towards me with ill intent written all over his 8,000,000 wiggly legs.
I'm pretty sure you heard me scream.
Thankfully, I had the hot water on so I grabbed the spray hose and scalded him to death.
Centipedes have always been my worst bug.
I have a long history with them, and none of it good.

Then there's this guy. The seventeen year cicada. Since my run-in with him back in Waynesburg in the mid-90s I've dubbed him the devil-bug. Look at those beady blood red eyes. Nothing good can come of this. Nothing.
My friend in North Carolina announced that her area is due for a visit from these creatures this year.
I was planning to surprise her with a visit.
That will now wait until 2014

And down here I was going to put a picture of the massive spider that was plotting my death last week. It was in the toilet.
On the water.
Waiting to kill me.

Please, someone tell me that there will NOT be bugs in heaven.
We already know that there are moths in hell, and that is exactly where they belong.


  1. Rofl... I hope the Sand Gnats are in hell with the moths. They eat me alive every Spring and fall... and sometimes during the summer (here in GA).

  2. ARGH! This made me scream and shudder! I don't know why I clicked on this blog when I saw the picture of the cicada, but I did anyway…and then I was greeted by the millipede (or whatever that horrid creature is) I will be shuddering for a long while now. EWWWWW!

  3. oh my gosh you crack me up!!!! I hate those centipede things, too...YUCK!!! Sadly, the entire east coast is supposed to be getting hit with the 17 year cicada this year. Supposedly 1 million per acre are about to emerge....not looking forward to the deafening sound that they will produce. As for spiders----suffice it to say that I pre-squash every spider I meet with "Go with God"....and then he's ...gone!!! love ya!

  4. Please come to NC...we can stay inside!!!!

  5. Yesterday, as I was getting ready to go somewhere with Dad, I felt something fall between the cups (you know, the ones on my chest!). I thought it was water or something worse like a stink bug, ugh. I reached in to get it out and there was my earring. I'm glad it wasn't a stink bug because I not only would have flipped out but probably smashed it. Triple ugh.

    Do you remember years ago while shopping at Kaufman's in South Hills Village, I lost my cross and chain. At home, while on the phone with your Dad who gave me the cross as a gift, I felt something in that spot between the cups and reached down to brush it out. Yesss! It was my cross. It fell into that spot and I was saved! You now own the cross and chain.

    I remember the centipedes in the basement at Hunting Creek Road. They always seemed to appear when you were down there. Maybe it's your perfume?!


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