Lightbulb moment at the craft store

Yes, you read that right, craft store. And I was in one. Course, this is a weekly occurance for me since one of my many jobs takes me to said store.

I was wandering around the store, and came upon the scrapbook paper section. I will admit, this section does cause my heart to race a bit. 

  Look at the myriad of colors! Every color imaginable, and then patterns, and then glitter. I could spend hours here just drooling.

The thought came to me that some of these papers would be perfect wallpaper pictures for my phone. The prints are small enough to make a good background. I've tried taking pictures of other things (like my favorite tea mug) but the patterns are to large. These scrapbooking papers are the right size.

Here are two I snapped today:

You may not like these prints, but I know you'll find one there that is perfect for you. I chose a Hello Kitty one that is just darling. Too much fun in that aisle! 


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