Small Changes: Cooking Spray

No one wants food sticking to their pans. We've been sold on non-stick cooking spray for so long that many people don't know any different.
Um, like using plain old oil to grease your pans.
Aside from the obvious, there are other choices. You can choose the non-stick cooking spray with those strange ingredients listed below.
Silicone? Really? Is that necessary? I say no, it isn't.

There are products on the market that you can add your own oil to and them pump it with your hand to make it pressurized and then spray it. Thus also eliminating the aerosol. Why spray chemicals onto your cookware, and into the air when it can be so easily avoided.

The Misto (pictured below) is on sale at my little local grocery store, so if they have it I'm pretty sure you can find it anywhere. 
If you can't find it in your area, then hook up with a Pampered Chef consultant. They carry one similar. I've used mine for years. 

Remember, check the ingredients! Just because they sell it in the stores doesn't mean you should eat it.


  1. We just use butter to grease our pans. We have a stick in the fridge for that purpose alone. We unwrap it, hold the end and smear it around the pan. Rewrap and put it back in the fridge. Not only is it better for YOU, it's better for your pans as well!

  2. Yes, butter is better! It's surprising though the number of people who don't know this stuff. Perhaps you and I are from another era?


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