Small Changes: Corn chips

I love chips and salsa. Or chips and (homemade) dip. A small change that you can make when choosing corn chips is to simply choose the unflavored variety. Instead of reaching for the bag of Dorito's (pictured above) with that horrible long list of ingredients (including MSG which is one that should always be avoided--Google it, scary stuff!) reach for a bag of plain corn chips.
This is a bag of plain old Tostito's. Corn, vegetable oil, salt. You know what those are. 

Now, if you want to choose even better then you can reach for a bag of organic corn chips, which are guaranteed to have no GMOs (Google it) and have corn that was grown organically without pesticides, herbicides or anything else that could harm your body. I prefer the organic ones, but that doesn't stop me from indulging in my favorite snack when we go out to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.

Remember, just because they sell it in the store does not mean that you should eat it.  


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