Small Changes: What You're Drinking-The Lemonade Chapter


Is there anything more refreshing on a hot summer day than a glass of lemonade? One of my favorite summertime memories is of going to the Washington County Fair and indulging in a big tall glass of ice-cold lemonade made with fresh lemons, right there in front of me. I loved watching them shake it up and make sure it was mixed just right. Then, that first sip, there was nothing better. 

While at the store last night I snapped some pictures of some lemonade in the refrigerated section. I didn't take any of the powdered kind, because, well if I need to explain that to you then we better start all over. Ha ha ha. There is nothing in powdered form that you should drink. It is all artificial. And it doesn't taste good.

Here are four examples

This one is Newman's Own. The ingredients look pretty good, similar to what I'd use if I was making my own at home.

This one is Simply Lemonade. It doesn't look bad either. I'd still choose the Newman's based on the ingredient list.

This is the store brand. They messed up when they added the high fructose corn syrup. No way would I drink this.

This is one from Ritchey's Dairy, a local company. This has to be the worst of all. Granted, there isn't any corn syrup, but they added yellow #5, and they use concentrated lemon juice. So while you think that buying local products guarantees a better item, think again. This should not be ingested.   
  Ideally, you should make your own lemonade. Here's one recipe I found by doing a quick Google search. Here's one from Paula Deen.

Lemonade with some mint leaves. Now, doesn't that look yummy?  
*Lemonade should not replace water as your main summertime drink

Remember, just because they sell it in the store doesn't mean you should eat it.


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