Small Changes: Chocolate Cereal

I dedicate this entry to my husband. He picked up the box of cereal and said, "Hey, do this one." So I am. Just for him.

Cereal isn't my first choice as a breakfast food. It's pretty much empty calories. There's no protein in it, it's all carbs. Breakfast is supposed to fuel your day. That isn't going to happen with a bowl of cereal.

But there are some people who love their milky bowl of crunch in the morning (or in the

Here we have two boxes of crispy rice chocolate cereal.


 The first one is a natural brand found in the organic section of my grocery store. There's nothing of any nutritional value in it, but it's still much better than the Post offering below it. Mainly because of the hydrogenated oil.

Read the labels! Get to know the ingredients and what you're putting into your body. If you're feeling ill a lot, your diet is probably to blame. God gave us wonderful foods to eat and when we routinely deviate from His garden of goodies our bodies don't work to their full potential.



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