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Came across this quote while reading The Good Girl by Christy Barrett. It completely threw me off and made me pause.

Perhaps when we find something that reminds us of how people acted in high school it isn't because they haven't grown up, maybe it's because high school is really the start of social dynamics.

Before then we're all just pretty much friends with everyone. We pretend play with whoever is available.

Once high school starts we tend to gravitate towards others like us and separate into groups.

Maybe it really isn't a bad thing after all.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I think it can go either way. Obviously, we want to be around like-minded people. So that aspect is good and natural. It's the uncomfortable part of not feeling accepted or welcome with groups that are not like you that's bad.

    1. But do we want to be part of groups that aren't like us? So much to think about...

  2. I have always found it easy to relate and find common ground with most people I meet. The difficult area is not with my acceptance of them, but theirs of me. The world is full of nice, good-hearted people who put effort into connecting with all they meet. And there are some "bad apples" in the bunch, those who view the world's population through glasses that see value based on status...a sad way to live.

    As we mature mentally, we form our own beliefs and values, and gravitate toward those who believe as we do. We also discover that it does not matter if those who oppose our beliefs accept us or not. The pain is not there as it was during high school.

    So maybe the key lies in "maturity." In high school, we do not have the maturity and life experiences, nor have we developed our core values that makes us who we are. As we mature and live, those values should be established. For me to be accepted into some "groups" it would mean having to ignore my core values, which I refuse to do. So maybe we need to also ask, "Why does it matter if we are not accepted?" and "Why do I feel the need to be accepted by that particular group?"


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