Thanksgiving Dinner

What was on your menu for Thanksgiving this year? I made a turkey breast, I've done all sorts of different things including duck, chicken, roast, and last year we went to a restaurant. I kept it simple with the turkey breast and it was very good. I also made some garlic green beans, corn, gravy, cranberries (my favorite part of the meal since I was a little girl!),roasted sweet potatoes, and roasted parsnips, fingerling potatoes, carrots, and red onion. Some mashed potatoes leftover from a church dinner also made their way onto the table.
For dessert I made an apple pie and a blueberry pie since we don't like pumpkin pie. I also made Grammy's Marshmallow Puffs (recipe here). I found some vegan marshmallows at the grocery store and thought it would be a nice addition, they were very well received.
Thought you'd like to see a picture of our table.


  1. It all looks delicious!!!
    We had a smoked turkey, baked whole sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, homemade rolls,,,(the rolls :), whole cranberry sauce, and a favorite jello with strawberries that the husband requested. Pumpkin pie with ice cream later on in the evening.
    Having 20-25 over tomorrow. Fixing similar meal only with three different pies and cheesecake.

    1. *drooling over the rolls*
      Have a happy time tomorrow xo


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