Charming ~ Original ~ Creative

This store does look charming, original, and creative. And it may well be. But I will never know for sure.

We visited recently while out of town and from the moment we stepped in the door we were assaulted by the most annoying sales clerk that I have ever met.

Well, maybe not quite as annoying as the one I've dubbed Window-Man. Or the one trying to sell us a sealant for our basement. Or the one at the time share place in Williamsburg. Okay, those were all men. This was a woman.

The most annoying sales woman that I've ever met.

She followed us around and went into a long monologue about what the store was about, why it exists, who founded it, and so on and so on and so on. I couldn't think she was so nonstoptalkingwithouttakingabreath.

We finally escaped to a side room and I told my husband, "If she says one more word to us I am out of here."
And as I had a moment of silence to browse, she appeared around the corner. She had a teddy bear in hand and put it in our faces, "Isn't it cute? It talks...." and she began again.
I put down what I was looking at and high-tailed it out of there. I think I walked so fast that she didn't even get to finish her sentence.

This may be a lovely store, but I know that I will never go back and find out. It was exhausting.

Have you experienced an over-zealous salesperson?


  1. Those who work for commission or partial commission seem to be over zealous or pushy. Yes....exhausting!

    1. I think she was more excited about the mission of the store. I just wanted away. Far far away.


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