Don't Get Offended in 2015

Someone recently had on Facebook that their goal for 2015 was to not be offended. 

What a wonderful idea.

I think I'll do that too.

This does not give you free reign to spout off whatever you'd like to about me though. Because that would be mean.

People get too easily offended anymore. 

"She said she doesn't like  (whatever)  and I do so that must  mean that she doesn't like me."

Can I roll my eyes here?

Maybe it's that after over twenty years in ministry that I am not easily offended anymore. I've had some rotten things said and done to me by church people and other "Christians". So much that I take it all with a grain of salt now. 

But what would the world be like if we all decided to not be offended anymore? Most likely, the person offending you has no idea that they've done it.

Let me say that again. 

Most likely, the person that has offended you has no idea that they have done it.

We don't wake up and wonder who we can offend each day. We are all people and we do what people do, which is dumb stuff a lot of the time.

So join me in not being offended in 2015.

Come on, it'll be freeing, I promise.


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