Guarding Your Marriage: Hugging

The side hug has gotten a bad rap. It's actually quite useful. The Duggar Family popularized it last year when Jill was dating courting what's-his-name (who she's now married to)
A lot of people made fun of them, but Jim Bob and Michelle are quite wise in their insistence of their children side-hugging only.

It's because our bodies are different. And when you hug something different you feel different things.

I think I explained it well, but for those of you who don't get it, women have curves and breasts and when we hug men they feel them. And whether you (women) know it or not, it does something to men. It's like they have hormones that are on high alert to women's body parts.

If you don't believe me then you aren't married. Because all it takes is a little brush of their arm against your breast and they are ready to go.

To safeguard your marriage you should make it a rule that you never full-on hug someone of the opposite sex. This doesn't mean your children or parents or brothers. This means men that you are not closely related to.

I make it a habit to not hug any man in a full-on hug. It is very rare that you will see me do this.

When I see a friend that I haven't seen in a long time and he wants to hug me I usually put my arm up across my chest (like I was doing the pledge of allegiance) and then hug with my arm staying there. 

I do this out of respect for my husband, because  my body belongs to him and no one else needs to know what it feels like. I also do it out of respect for your husband.

Like this tee-shirt that my son designed says
Keep calm and side hug on.


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