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Guarding Your Marriage: Steps for Safety

When you get married you want a happily-ever-after. You dream of how it will be. 
Sort of like this cartoon:
 Aren't they the cutest couple? They grow old together and are still smiling.
What you don't see are all of the days in between.

A successful marriage is one in which both the husband and the wife work daily to guard their hearts and preserve their vows.

Some steps that we take to guard our marriage are:

He doesn't counsel women alone, I am always with him. If I am unable to be there for an unforeseen reason then his secretary is close by or he is in a room with a security camera. This is just common sense. 

We don't go anywhere alone with someone of the opposite sex.

We don't have secrets on social networking. My accounts are open for him to see whatever he wants to and I have access to his. The same goes with our cell phones.

We don't "friend" people on Facebook that the other is uncomfortable with. I have very few male friends on my Facebook page, the ones I do have are trusted friends that I know would never be any kind of temptation or would ever be tempted by me.
I have deleted some men who sent me strange messages. 
The guy from college who told me that he always thought he would marry me -- um, weird. 
The guy from high school who felt he had to relive the past and explain some things that didn't need explained. --also weird.
If you get that creepy feeling, listen to it! This will be discussed in a later entry.

Another way that I guard my marriage is by wearing clothes that are modest. No one is going to see any part of my body that is only meant for my husband to see. This means cleavage and any other cracks. By doing this I am also guarding your marriage.

You're welcome.

I do a bend-over test before I leave the house. If the shirt is too low when I bend over I will either change or remember to hold my hand at my chest when I bend so that nothing is seen. If my pants are too low when I bend over I simply put on a longer shirt (yay for tunics!)

There will be more entries in this new series of blogs. What are some ways that you guard your marriage?



  1. We watch our tone when speaking to one of the opposite sex, also are careful of physical contact such as touching an arm or hugging, which could be perceived as flirting. We wear our wedding rings. Many men, because of their work, do not. I am glad he places it back on when work is over. We do not get involved in drama of single friends. As married folk, our social friends are also married. My husband does some work from home, but customers know to never come unless he is here, and they do not come and hang out in our house. He is very protective of who enters the home. We do not socialize alone. We date, and attend events together.


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