Guarding Your Marriage: That Woman

We've discussed that creepy feeling that you get from a man. Now let's discuss that feeling that you get from another woman.
Girls, be alert, there are women out there checking out your husband. Some look once and move on but others have more in mind.

This tends to happen with people in ministry positions. I keep a careful eye on who gets close to my husband.

Several years ago I watched a young woman approach him for prayer, he put his hands on her shoulders to pray for her and she placed her hands on his sides, at his middle. It was odd and inappropriate, his body is not for anyone to touch but me.

It's mine. 
I walked up and stood behind him and took both of her hands in mine and held them while he prayed.

I've gotten used to many women hugging him, most of them don't mean anything by it and it doesn't bother me, but there's always one who gives you a feeling.

Listen to that feeling. And tell him who it is that is giving you that feeling. He will usually reply by looking at you like you're crazy, but call it women's intuition or discernment, I'm pretty much dead-on with these things.

And you know what? It doesn't matter to me what he thinks, what anyone thinks, about that feeling that I get. My marriage is worth being on guard for and in this age of disposable nuptials I am proud that we've made it 23 years.

Here's to another 23.

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  1. Amen!! Good article! We care for and watch over that which we cherish.


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