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How to Destroy Your 2015

 Wise words from a friend of mine. I asked permission to share with you all.

Everyone has posted their New Year's Resolutions. Let's mix it up as I share with you 10 exciting things you can do to destroy your 2015...
1 - Get more in debt. Purchase things you don't need with money you don't have. Sleep on the bed that belongs to Visa, fully insure that brand new car since the dealer technically owns it. Wear those spring clothes that you will pay off in the summer when you want more. Sounds exciting! 

2 - Find something to get addicted to. Drink it, watch it, eat it, get obsessed with it. Perhaps something more subtle like video games, caffeine, working out or people pleasing. Walk around with a forced smile on your face because things are so out of control!

3 - Stop reading your Bible, pray inconsistently and ignore the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. I understand that you are really busy and it will all work out at the end of the day anyway, right? 

4 - Watch and read the news all the time. Start and end your day with it. It's exciting, encouraging, inspirational and always 100% true! 

5 - Continue to think you're entitled. It's a way of life and it is what it is. You are an American and deserve it! 

6 - Remind yourself each day that *your* child is the exception. They're the best and brightest; they never mess up, always tell you the truth and do the right thing! 

7 - Believe that going through the motions at church will be produce transformation in you, in your community, in your region and in our nation. Subscribe to the plop, pray, pay philosophy! 

8 - Place your hope, confidence and trust in political leaders and systems. They are the true agents of change in our world today and are doing an excellent job!

9 - Do life alone. Live in isolation. Have no deep and meaningful relationships. It's the safest way to avoid being hurt, isn't it? 

10 - Pursue the American dream and fall in love with the things of this world. Spend every ounce of your time, talent and treasure climbing the ladder of earthly success and live life with no sense of eternity in mind.

written by Pastor Zac McDonald 

Pastor Zac was a teenager in our youth group in the early 90s when Wayne was a youth pastor. He was one of "our kids" and now has three beautiful children with another due to arrive very soon. Making me feel old.


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